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  • Tumblr app: I'm done loading
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  • Tumblr app: did I fucking stutter

Unpopular Opinion

I am a little bug in a garden but I’d like to say three things:

1. Saving the giant pandas only saves the tourist industry. They’re actually the most inefficient animals on Earth and deny Darwinism—it’s amazing how they’re even alive (but this is besides the point). The preservation of pandas are stuffed into our faces because they’re just cute. How come we’re not saving the Gopher Frog? They’re endangered too. But because they have no commercial appeal, they’re neglected. I’m not saying don’t donate to animal preservation, but just be aware of where your money is going and for what purpose.

2. A lot of big “charity” corporations like United Way are just big corporations that act as an umbrella over hundreds of smaller real charities, and by donating to United Way, they distribute a miniscule percentage of that money across the hundreds of charities they represent. That means that each charity is receiving less than a penny per dollar. The rest of it? Administrative costs and marketing. The CEO of United Way is making one pretty penny. Be careful where you donate.

3. Donating clothes and shoes to developing countries stunt their economy, as we take away industrial fabric and textile potential. We should be more wise when attempting to help these people instead of shutting our eyes and throwing a bag of clothes down a chute. 

Don’t kill me for having an unpopular opinion xoxo

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